Calling all aspiring hackers looking for a challenge!

Be part of a weekend of full access to SA’s best hackers, development platforms from MTN and its partners, along with free coffee, complex carbs and Wifi. Use these to solve African challenges and win some awesome prizes. TADHack is coming to South Africa for the first time this year, and MTN is proud to announce that we will be hosting the event in October 2016.
TADHack Global
TADHack Global will run in parallel across 30+ cities around the world. To win prizes is simple: create hacks using the global sponsors’ resources. We also have some development themes this year to encourage hacks in particular topics, such as BOTs, AI, IoT, Enterprise Communications, NFV, and open source contributions.


TADHack SA will be hosted for the 1st time ever at MTN’s Innovation Centre. The event will be streamed to TADHack Global and participants will join an online developer community of over 1000 to partipate for various prizes.

TAD Mentor
Introducing TADMentor for 2016

We are starting a trial mentorship program in 2016 to help budding telecom application developers get the advice and help you need to build your business using telecom capabilities. The TADS ecosystem is focused on helping anyone interested in telecom application development. TADMentor is one of the ways in which we hope to demystify the process of building a business using telecom capabilities and making the connections necessary to make your business successful.

Who are the mentors?

TADS sponsors and partners have an unmatched wealth of experience in telecom application development and contacts with most of the relevant people / investors around the world. The TADS sponsors supporting TADMentor for 2016 are Apidaze, Dialogic, hSenid Mobile, Nexmo, Telestax, Tropo, Truphone, Ubuntu, Voximplant, and WSO2.Telco.

Should I join?

Are you are a start-up, business, or individual using telecom capabilities (e.g. APIs, WebRTC, open or closed source platforms) in your applications, services or business processes? If you are seeking investment, help, or advice in building your business, you can sign up for TADMentor and be matched with a mentor who can help you.

This program can offer you:

  • Global Reach: TADS sponsors are distributed around the world and their combined contact list reaches most of the investors / people around the world relevant to telecom app development
  • Local Help: Mentors could even be based in the same city as you
  • Flexibility: Choose what’s right for you, do not get trapped in a silo
  • Expert Guidance: From an unmatched mind-trust of experience in using telecom capabilities in applications, services and business processes
  • WIN A PRIZE! To highlight this new program, TADS sponsors will award TADMentor prizes at TADHack in 2016. Only those registered for the TADMentor program will be eligible for this prize.

TADMentors from our platform sponsors are available from now via our Slack Team and Channel #tadhacksa  where we will be providing assistance before and during the event.