TADHack is an open Hackathon, which means that you are allowed to work on any idea you feel like working on for the event.  You may choose to start-off the next Twitter or kick-off a competitor to Tesla on the day and we’d love for you to use our platforms to do that. TADHackSA will also follow suite, however, we know that it sometimes more of a challenge to find the right problem to solve. We therefore themed our event as “Decoding Africa” and it’s all about letting you solve Africa’s problems, in Africa, with technology.

For those that feel that this too is too broad, we’ve put down a tag-cloud of topical issues that we face in Africa on a daily basis:

These may help you focus your creativity and will help our judges decide on the impact of the solutions that come out of the event.

Finally, if you still feel like you need more inspiration, MTN and it’s partners will be providing more specific challenges that you can work on. Some of these will come with their own prizes in addition to the TADHack local and Global prize.

To prepare you for the TADHack event, we’ve prepared some pre-challenges to test your metal. If you’re up to the challenge, show us what you’re worth by solving them here.