M2M Pre-Challenge by ZTE

GeoIP service using ZTE IDT

Using the ZTE IDT, create a service that is able to feed back the geographical location of an input IP address. Only the county name is needed.


  • The following WSDL provides GeoIP web-service:


  • Try using the “Loading a WSDL” function (Refer to the user manual session 3.4.3) in IDT development tool to create an Atom and use in the service flow.
  • The “geoipservice” is the atom which is created using WSDL. It will interact with the GeoIP server to get location information. “XPath1” is used to assemble input message and “XPath2” is used to extract response message (Refer to “Drawing a XPath node”).
  • The input of the service is the IP address, the request URL is “http://www.webservicex.net/geoipservice.asmx”, the output of the service is the CountryName.

Share your solution on with us by mailing the GitHub / Code Repo details to  TADHackSA@mtn.com

The first 10 developers who submit the service will be eligible for a surprise M2M pre-challenge prize!


3 thoughts on “M2M Pre-Challenge by ZTE

  1. Hi, would it not be better if you guys provided us with a link for downloading the idt tool for developing the solution, because i am having a hard time locationg it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      Not sure what you mean, the link is on the ZTE page? It’s a Dropbox folder with the IDT
      install file.

      You can also chat to the ZTE folk on tads.slack.com

      Regards Y

  2. use soapUI, load the WSDL, use the GetGeoIP method, input an IP, the response is:

    South Africa

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