Here Technologies

HERE APIs Please login to access HERE API’s using this link ONLY:

(REMEMBER: all APIs have corresponding documentation and sample code that you can COPY & PASTE for free; 31 APIs AVAILABLE). When logged in, all API information is under the documentation tab: 1. Location Services-Maps

Interactive Maps (JS): 2.

Location Services-Routing Routing (JS): 3. Fleet

Telematics- Route Matching:

4. Developer Resources (Tutorials):

5. HERE GitHub:

6. HERE Slack Channel: This video will give you great insight into 3 API use cases):

HERE XYZ: map visualization Please login to HERE XYZ using the same credentials you’ve used to access Mapcreator or the APIs.

HERE XYZ enables you to build your own maps for free and visualize them in a way that suits you.

1. HERE XYZ link:

2. HERE XYZ studio Documentation:

3. HERE XYZ Tutorials:

4. HERE XYZ API (HERE XYZ Playground):