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We prepared a test for the team who wants to win Huawei Prize.

The test is to build a website by using WordPress and our ECS(Cent OS), VPC(including EIP), RDS(MySQL 5.7)

And we also set another two bonus for competitors. You can give them points according to their completion.

Complete Test and two Bonuses: Excellent

Complete Test and one Bonus: Good

Complete Test: Pass

1.  Test:

Using Huawei Cloud ECS (CentOS 7.4), VPC, RDS (MySQL 5.7) and WordPress to build a website. Please make sure the website could be accessed via public network and upload a photo to your own website (such as your team photo)

2.  Bonus:

1)       Using ELB service to build a highly available website. Verification method: after shutting down one of the ECS servers, the website can be accessed normally

2)       If the competitor could set a rule by using our auto-scaling service, then using a tool to break the rule and trigger system to create the new ECS automatically

Huawei Public Cloud Link: