Pre-challenge – Huawei Developer IoT Design Challenge


Using any of the various APIs provided by the Huawei IoT connection management platform, it’s quite simple to develop intelligent control systems in intelligent home, car networking and intelligent city environments.

We challenge you to give our platform a test-drive by designing a unique hardware, application, product or service in one of the following categories:

  • The Smart Family

Home automation, home security, home entertainment, home monitoring, home health and so on.

  • Car Networking 

For vehicle equipment and applications, how to drive more safely, more convenient driving, more effective management.

  • Smart City

How to make life more convenient, such as smart trash, intelligent lights, environmental monitoring.

Submit your concept

You submission pack must include:

  1. High-level design, including use-cases, architecture design
  2. High-level business case
  3. Any Source-code / stubs (in a public repo)
  4. High-level Hardware designs (in a public repo)


  1. REGISTER for the event
  2. Familiarise yourself on the IoT connectivity management platform capabilities and learn how to start development. Download the related materials
  3. Share your solution on with us by mailing the GitHub / Code Repo details to


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